By Lanford Beard
January 18, 2012 at 11:36 PM EST
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Tina Yothers’ wigged-out appearance on last night’s Celebrity Wife Swap has set the Internet afire. Her impromptu responses (“there’s a circus under here!”) to Niecy Nash’s attempt to glam her up with spangle pants and fur vests were hilarious, but you may recall that Yothers comes by a wisecrack easily. Three decades ago this year, she played Family Ties‘ precociously wry youngest sister Jennifer Keaton. Here are a few of Jennifer’s best comebacks.

Jennifer Keaton: What’s impetuous?

Steven Keaton [Michael Gross]: Well, uh. That’s when you do something without thinking it through.

Jennifer Keaton: Like when you guys decided to have Alex?

Jennifer Keaton: I scored a goal with my head.

Mallory Keaton [Justine Bateman]: I’m really happy for you.

Jennifer Keaton: I also scored a goal with someone else’s head.

Alex P. Keaton: It’s just like taking candy from a baby.

Jennifer Keaton [Michael J. Fox]: Brings back memories.

Alex P. Keaton [trying to distract Jennifer, he points to a couple making out]: Jennifer, these two people are involved in something very delicate. She’s got something in her eye, and he’s trying to take it out.

Jennifer Keaton [who’s only 9 years old]: Is that what you really think they’re doing, Alex?

Alex P. Keaton: Yeah…

Jennifer Keaton: I think we better have a liiiittle talk.

And check out this hilarious scene between Jennifer and dad Steven when he tries to wrack her nerves during a family “driving lesson”…

Since she grew up before our very eyes in one of America’s favorite families, how could anyone be surprised that keeping loved ones close would be important to Yothers on Celebrity Wife Swap, too?

Was it strange to see Yothers back on the small screen, PopWatchers? Are you still harboring an Alex P. Keaton crush?

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