Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!

The Artist has been praised for being a charming delight and condemned for being a charming trifle. But there’s one thing everyone can agree on: It’s a silent movie. Like, the kind without dialogue. Apparently, that information escaped a few moviegoers in Liverpool. As reported by The Telegraph, the Odeon Liverpool One theater received several complaints from people who saw the movie without realizing it would not have any diegetic sound.

Clearly unmoved by the film’s loving reverence for the silent era, those movie-ogres then received their money back. Between this and the “Drive was not the sequel to Fast Five I was promised!” lawsuit, this feels like a real moment for theater oafs. Now I wish we’d all asked for our money back after seeing Thor, since we were promised a movie and got a commercial for another movie. Wait, that argument works for every Hollywood movie! We’ve beaten the system, gang.

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Your Stupid Minds! Stupid! Stupid!
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