Josh Kelley has released a music video for “Naleigh Moon” directed by his wife, Katherine Heigl.

The song was already a family affair: It’s about the couple’s adopted 3-year-old daughter. According to Kelley, the CEO of his label told him that when the video, which includes home footage, was screened for employees, more than half of them cried. Watch it below:

Did you get misty? I am a sucker for country song about being a dad, and Naleigh Moon is a sweetheart, but my eyes remained dry.

Though they almost got me around 2:53, when Naleigh starts working on the buttons of Kelley’s shirt. It reminded me of my niece, who’s her age, spending 15 minutes one day trying to button my favorite sweater (which, of course, I vowed never to wear around her again, after losing a button the following week).

Other emotions felt: Jealousy over the swimming pool Naleigh’s floating in. I’m not proud. Readers, what’s your take?

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