If you’re a fan of The Late Late Show, you know that Craig Ferguson is obsessed with Downton Abbey — to a fault.

On Tuesday’s show, while talking to EW’s Lynette Rice about midseason TV, he let slip an opinion (plot point?) about the character Mr. Bates that hinted he’d already seen season 2 in its entirety in Britain.

“Oops, spoiler alert,” he said. Twenty seconds of audience laughter followed while he grinned guiltily.

Though the spoiler sounded pretty genuine, PBS seemed to downplay the matter. Asked to comment on Ferguson’s overenthusiasm, Rebecca Eaton, executive producer of Masterpiece on PBS, issued the following statement to EW: “We love that Craig is such a big fan of Downton Abbey and he did that FAKE spoiler really, really well. We’re considering writing him into series 3 as an Under-Footman.”

Watch the clip below (the Downton Abbey conversation starts at 6:50), if you’re not pseudo-spoiler phobic. But beware the comments section, where Brits or impatient Americans who’ve spoiled themselves online may launch into their own conversation about Bates…

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