The wait is over. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to cry. As in I’m excited to get a good cry in while watching good old American Idol! The only thing that makes me tear up more than a two-hour auditions extravaganza is a hometown visit! And sometimes these have those!

Reality TV’s most monstrous truck (sorry, X-lax) kicks off for the 11th time on tonight’s two-hour premiere. Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Tyler, and Ryan Seacrest will be hitting Savannah, Ga. to make some new, young friends and crush some dreams. They all look so cuddly over in that photo that I’m compelled to smush all of their names together for the first and only time. One of my lamer attempts was “Ryandy J. Stépez,” but I think J. Lo would probably prefer “Jennifer Lopez Tylerrandyan,” so let’s go with that. Don’t worry, I will never mention this again.

BIG (blog) news: The awesome and talented MJ Santilli of is joining forces with to help cover this season of singing and sobbing! MJ will be hosting EW’s live blogs during every season 11 telecast (Fox, 8 p.m. ET) — starting tonight. She’ll also be helping with some of our Idol galleries, commentary, and breaking news on the site throughout the season.

I’ll still be recapping American Idol after every show, preparing’s Power Lists, answering your questions via video, and providing my questionably vital brand of “television commentary via visual minutia.” The Many Faces of Steven Tyler don’t just screengrab themselves, people!

Please join me in welcoming MJ!

Are you crying yet? Tears of joy? Why aren’t you crying?

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