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Nick Cannon called in to The Howard Stern Show this morning as he simulcasted his own radio show. The two entertainers, who are teaming up on the next season of America’s Got Talent, talked about everything from Cannon’s recent health scare to the upcoming season of AGT. Cannon had some harsh words for former Talent judge Piers Morgan, whom Stern is replacing, and some TMI about his sexual experience with wife Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan, and Kim Kardashian.

It was a surprisingly friendly conversation between the two new colleagues after Stern was reported to have insulted Mariah Carey’s attitude and figure. Stern admitted he was “ready to take [his] whooping” from Cannon about anything Carey-related. Of course, that didn’t stop Stern from asking Cannon whether he has sex with Carey on turntables and if Carey sings to him while they’re making love. Cannon’s response in both cases was a resounding, “Yes! When I’m doing a good job.” He did laugh, “Yo, I ain’t got [Carey’s 1993 hit] ‘Hero’ yet.”

Cannon also briefly discussed working (and making out) with Lindsay Lohan several years ago, but he was “freaked out” that she was younger than him. Asked Stern, “You were attracted to her?” Cannon said, “Not really. I would say she was more attracted to me,” and that she made the first move. For the record, Cannon insisted he never had sex with Lohan: “We were respectful.”

He was less respectful of Kim Kardashian, whom he practically begged Stern to talk about. But now, he’s given up that life because “I’m married to the woman of my dreams. … Happier than happy. Especially through this [illness], we’ve become so much closer.” He said he’s seen the “nurturing” side of Carey and is “in debt to her forever.”

Speaking of his illness, Cannon explained the complicated reasons behind his troubling diagnosis of “mild kidney failure” earlier this month. Essentially, his kidneys weren’t working properly, Cannon explained, “We didn’t want to say ‘kidney failure’ because when people think ‘kidney failure,’ they think, ‘Uh oh, I gotta go get new kidneys’ and Gary Coleman and all of that. We didn’t want to go there, so we said ‘mild kidney failure.'” Though he still has a few more procedures before he is fully recovered, Cannon told Stern, “I’m good. I’m back, I’m feeling 100 percent.”

Stern pinned the Cannon’s health problems on his tireless work ethic (think Ryan Seacrest, if Seacrest ran an entire television network and had 8-month-old twins). He commended him for refusing to live off his ultra-rich wife but did ask, “Why the mad drive? Why are you grabbing it so much? You’re going to kill yourself.” Cannon laughed, “I know that now, Howard!” On a more serious note, he said, “I was always taught that the harder you work, the more you accomplish. Because of this situation, I know that I don’t need to go too hard.”

As for AGT, Cannon teased Stern about the long days to come and gave some credence for Stern’s tut-tutting about his work schedule when he claimed, “I lose, like, 20 pounds every summer” from his hectic multitasking. Also of note, Cannon had some less-than-fond words for former judge-turned-CNN personality Piers Morgan, whom Stern is replacing: “Piers was a diva, I’ll put it out there. He would, like, walk off and be upset [about his time being wasted] — especially when the CNN stuff came about.”

Cannon laughed about the brassy Stern, “I know you’re not going to go for [such long hours]! The beautiful thing is you have already established the fear of god in everyone over there. I’m gonna ride with you!” Stern insisted he had no intention of making the show about himself. That, of course, remains to be seen.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you glad Cannon and Stern squashed their feud? Did you really need (or want) to know about Carey giving Cannon aural pleasure? Do you think they’ll make good foils for each other on America’s Got Talent?

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