By Sandra Gonzalez
January 17, 2012 at 11:30 PM EST
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UPDATE: The “big twisty moment” at the end of tonight’s Glee is revealed after the jump. Here is a HUGE SPOILER ALERT if you are on the west coast! Don’t read on unless you want to know what everyone’s buzzing about after the episode…. I wouldn’t necessarily use the word “twist” to describe what happened at the end of tonight’s episode, readers. (I’d say the term better applies to what we learned about Finn’s dad’s death.) But it was definitely a shocker to see Finn propose to Rachel. Sound off on this development below!


Tonight’s episode of Glee will contain a surprise in the final minutes of the episode.

How can I state that with such conviction? Well, because that’s what I’ve read. Nay, that’s what’s been drilled into our heads for the past week, making the wait for tonight’s Glee even more difficult than it already has been.

And since we first heard of said twisty moment (Read Tim Stack’s “Yes/No” preview here), my mind has been twirling with predictions. But now, I want to know yours.

Now, we know that the episode features Will popping the question to Emma. We know she answers. (We don’t know WHAT she answers.) We also know that Finn is thinking about possibly enlisting in the armed forces. So something tells me the twist has to do with one of those three. Or maybe an odd combo of the three. Are Will and Finn related? (Odds: 1000 to 1) Is Finn going to be shipped off? (Odds 200 to 1) Is Emma preggo? (Odds: 300 to 1) Is Will? (Odds: C’mon, people! I was kidding!)

Hit me with your predictions, silly and otherwise! And return here after the episode so we can talk about it! (Full recap in the AM here.)

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