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Updated January 16, 2012 at 11:32 PM EST
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A decision is coming — that’s what executive producer Joshua Safran assures weary Gossip Girl fans, who are engaged in a seemingly perpetual fan war over which man (Dan or Chuck…because no one likes Prince Louis, right?) deserves to be an object of Blair’s affection.

But when it will happen, where it will happen, and, most importantly, who it will be — all that requires a bit more investigation.

Tonight’s episode will surely provide a clue. As Chuck fights for his life after being injured in the car crash that occurred in the last new episode, the previews have already shown Blair staying by his bedside. But Safran warns, it won’t be so simple. “We knew leading up, even though episode 10 was our ‘midseason cliff-hanger,’ we knew that the wedding and 100th episode was really where we were leading up to. So the tension is still ratcheting up,” he says.

And that can’t be more true than in regards to the fate of Blair’s unborn baby, who was also put in jeopardy by the crash. “That story line [is] important for us because Blair has grown up probably faster than anyone else on the show,” says Safran. “She’s had her set of goals and dreams pretty much from birth. So Blair struggled for several years — or for the series I’d say — with [moments] when her reality does not meet her dreams and trying to make her reality more like her dreams and wishes. So we saw the pregnancy as something that Blair very much would have wanted in her life, but maybe she would have wanted later… This whole season has been a process of Blair going up against what she expected and what is happening.”

As the show builds toward the immense drama of the 100th episode, Safran says all the moving parts will leave Blair dealing with “what dreams can come true versus what dreams can’t and be careful what you wish for.”

Meanwhile, Dan will be fully aware of what he wishes for in this second half of the season, but is more than reluctant to bring it up to the only person who could put his longing heart at ease. The only way he can? Penning Louis’ vows for the wedding. “He’s very much aware of [his feelings for Blair], as you saw in episode 8. I think he believes when he writes those vows that Blair will not find out and Blair doesn’t find out — the audience finds out but Blair does not know,” says Safran. “But that’s just more of what’s been happening to Dan — he loves from afar. The question is, will he be able to stay in that place or will he get fed up?”

The important thing to keep in mind, he says, is that even once a decision is made (something fans will see by the end of the season) “they can be reversed quite quickly and easily,” he says.

And while he won’t share what the plan is, Safran says that the resolution in Blair-Chuck-Dan love triangle was something the writer’s room did not take lightly. “[There] were definitely a couple of heated moments in the room,” he says. “Everyone here is very passionate. There are pros and cons for everything but we don’t move ahead until we have a mutual decision. That’s what I love so much about our team. It’s such a fun place to work because everyone cares so deeply. And when you’ve come to that mutual decision, everyone has been heard and arrived there together.”


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