Ready for some breaking news about the return of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Mad Men, Breaking Bad and The Killing? Well you’ve just hit the AMC quad-fectca.

— The previously announced third season of The Walking Dead will be 16 episodes — three episodes longer than season two. (There’s six things we learned from The Walking Dead‘s press tour panel here).

The Killing season 2 will premiere April 1. Yes, that’s right, the show that infuriated viewers with its non-resolution ending (and now plans to still not reveal who killed Rosie Larsen until the end of season two) is coming back on April Fools Day (the same as the second season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, a show whose creative twists also frustrated some fans). The Killing premiere will be two hours.

— AMC also officially confirmed the March 25 premiere date for season five of Mad Men. But also added that the premiere will be two hours.

— While there’s no official date for Breaking Bad season five, AMC says the show will return sometime in the third quarter of this year.