The songs you sing in your shower? Famous people do it too — except their experiments in DIY karaoke end up online faster than you can say ''Google trending topic''


Artist Feist
The Cover Guns N’ Roses, ”November Rain” Demure Canadian pixie discovers her inner Axl, takes out latent rage on late-fall precipitation.
Bonus Points for Flair Hola, Mexico City! In honor of her hosts (the clip was filmed on tour), Feist beats the crap out of a piñata while a seriously on-point Slash look-alike shreds the solo.
Is It Better Than the Original? No, but give her a red do-rag and a slap fight with Stephanie Seymour, and she’ll get there.

Artist Justin Bieber
The Cover The Beatles, ”Let It Be” Let It Bieber! Boy wonder whispers words of wisdom while tweens squeal, oldsters stab selves in eyes with forks.
Bonus Points for Flair Who’s that on guitar? Oh, just Biebs’ Words With Friends buddy Carlos Santana.
Is It Better Than the Original? Don’t be silly. Though points to JB for skipping the vocoders and guest raps and playing it sincerely straight.

Artist D’Angelo
The Cover Soundgarden, ”Black Hole Sun” Long-AWOL R&B phenom strips grunge anthem to its bones, rebuilds as deeply groovy bedroom jam.
Bonus Points for Flair Turning Chris Cornell’s apocalyptic visions into a straight-up baby-maker is pretty much the definition of flair.
Is It Better Than the Original? They’re so different, it’s hard to compare; we’re giving ourselves permission to love both.

Artist Willow Smith
The Cover Kid Cudi, ”All Along” Child of Hollywood dynasty acts like regular kid with a webcam, sings cute.
Bonus Points for Flair Hair is not whipped back and forth, but it does do an insouciant sort of swoopy thing while she bangs on the keyboard.
Is It Better Than the Original? Smith skips the verses and heads straight for the chorus, so we have to grade this one an incomplete. We hope it doesn’t bring down her GPA!

Artist Ryan Adams
The Cover Ratt, ”Round and Round” Raspy troubadour finds the pathos and pretty melody in second-tier ’80s hair band.
Bonus Points for Flair You’re talking about the dude who has pretty much made anti-flair an art form.
Is It Better Than the Original? In that it doesn’t conjure visions of rodents wearing leather vests and playing double-necked guitars, yes.