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These boys can’t seem to catch a break. But that’s pretty much business as usual on Supernatural. Less usual? The season’s high body count.

Now, Supernatural has never shied away from giving key players the figurative (and sometimes literal) axe — and oftentimes, they’ve returned at some point in the series. But this year, two fan favorites met their maker (first angel pal Castiel and more recently lovable curmudgeon Bobby Singer). The price was as high as it’s ever been. And as the boys continue to mourn their losses this season (RIP Bobby… sorta) (RIP Cas, they think) executive producer Sera Gamble tells EW that the deaths, while difficult, were key in telling the stories they set out to tell this season. “The really cool thing about this show is that [death] never precludes continuing to explore the character,” she says. (For more on the death of Bobby, read today’s Spoiler Room.) “All that means is that we get to be bold and we get to make big choices, and we get to really go places with Sam and Dean.”

So what does the season hold? For one, tonight’s episode finds Dean back in 1944, wrangling with the notorious Eliot Ness. “Sam has to find a way to bring him back – that’s pretty challenging both in 1944 and 2012. He goes back unwillingly — he gets dragged back in time by a fluke of who the bad guy is,” says EP Robert Singer, the namesake of the now dearly departed character.

The Vampire Diaries Sarah Canning, whom Gamble first saw on the CW show, is also set to appear in an upcoming episode. “She plays a woman Dean meets in a bar and they kind of have a similar perspective on what happens when you meet someone in a bar, which is, ‘Why don’t we go have some fun?'” Gamble says with a laugh. “There is some unintended consequences, at least on Dean’s end. Sometimes you just have fun and you can move on with your life and sometimes complicated supernatural [occurrences] strike you.”

Meanwhile, as EW has told you, Misha Collins is also slated to return this season. Although, both Gamble and Singer are mum on exactly how. Jared Padalecki was slightly more forthcoming about the possible return of Bobby. “Yes, he is [coming back]. I don’t know how, but he is. He’s not going to come back as Bobby in the classic, ‘Hey, I’m Uncle Bobby and I drink too much and I’m kind of curmudgeonly,’ but he’s going to come back in some way, shape, or form,” said Padalecki.

Also in store? Sam will get beat up by clowns in an episode about childhood fears (Although, Padalecki says, Dean does not have to face his fears, although, he’s sure he has one. “He must. Maybe his hair getting messed up or something,” he jokes.) And the leviathan storyline that was introduced in the first episode of the season will ramp up. “The last run of shows is very Leviathan heavy,” says Singer. “And Sam will need a lot of help — Sam goes wackoidal in episode 17, and Dean has to bring him back from the brink of insanity. Some old friends show up to help him with that. That’s as much as I’ll tease!”

Padalecki adds: “We’ll see the return of Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer, he’s going to be tormenting me. I’ve been seeing visions all season long, and now we’re going to see what those visions are. Sam’s been fighting them by himself, but now we’re going to see them tangibly. We’re going to see Sam break.”

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