Reviews of new singles from Jason Mraz, Jay-Z Feat. B.I.C., Cat Power, and more

By EW Staff
January 13, 2012 at 05:00 AM EST

Jason Mraz, ”I Won’t Give Up”
On this gentle acoustic love letter, Mraz smoothly enumerates all the ways in which he will be there. Perhaps a little less snazzy as a romantic gesture than John Cusack with a boom box, but it definitely gets the ”Girl, I’m not going anywhere” message across. BLeah Greenblatt

The-Dream, ”Roc (Roc Your Body)”
The-Dream’s mission statement is uncomplicated: You have a body, and he would very much like to rock it — with the help of some obscenely hypnotic boudoir synths, of course. BKyle Anderson

Cat Power, ”King Rides By”
Chan Marshall’s first new song in four years is actually an updated version of a track from her 1996 release What Would the Community Think. This face-lift comes with a tighter rhythm, more richly layered vocals, and an expanded run time. A-Ray Rahman

Dev Feat. Enrique Iglesias, ”Naked”
Will he stick around when she wakes up without her makeup? Such terrible suspense fuels this tepid dance jam, which pairs Iglesias with California’s ”Booty Bounce” champ for a little midtempo lovin’ — and zero chemistry. C+Melissa Maerz

The Shins, ”Simple Song”
On the band’s first single in five years, frontman James Mercer uses his dream-damaged tenor to croon about loneliness. He shouldn’t fret too much; he still has his unerring sense of melody to keep him warm. B+KA

Jay-Z Feat. B.I.C., ”Glory”
”The most beautifulest thing in this world is Daddy’s little girl,” Jay-Z crows on this ode to new daughter Blue Ivy Carter. Hova showers her with adoration over a smooth Neptunes-produced beat, but the real treat is the newborn’s own cooing cameo. They start so young! A-RR