Paul Feig
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Paul Feig
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Bridesmaids was named Best Comedy at last night’s Critics Choice Awards, which can only help our favorite “stone-cold pack of weirdos” and their Oscar chances in the coming weeks. But what about the film’s chances of a sequel?

Ever since the film’s massive box office and critical success last summer, there’s been talk of a follow-up. While nothing is set in stone (Bridesmaids cast members including Wiig came up with some sequel ideas, which they shared with EW, and Universal told us that they hope to reassemble the entire gang), EW caught up with Feig, Mumolo, and Wendi McLendon-Covey, all pictured above with cast mates Maya Rudolph and Ellie Kemper, at the Critics Choice Awards, to discuss the future of Bridesmaids.

“I would only want to do it if we could make it as good or better than the original, and that’s very hard,” Feig told EW, “That original one worked very well because it was a very personal story about a woman going through a crisis, and the wedding was a catalyst. We don’t want to just do a ‘And now it’s a different crazy wedding’ or ‘It’s a crazy honeymoon.’ There were all these movies we were trying not to make when we made Bridesmaids and that would be us making them. But if it can all work out, the planets could align and everyone came on board, I think it would be really fun because it was such a fun experience making it. I would love to have it a second time. I love all the people we worked with on it.”

Mumolo echoed Feig regarding the “risk” involved with attempting to capture lightning in a bottle twice. (“I’m so in love with those characters so I almost want to let it be what it was,” she told EW.) While Mumolo said there haven’t been any serious talks about a Bridesmaids 2, she admitted, “I can certainly understand why they do sequels when something catches on like that.”

But it was Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Rita, the raunchy, outspoken mother-of-three-terrible-boys, who told EW she wasn’t ready to let the bridal party end just yet. “I want to do it. I really do,” the comic actress said. Still, McLendon-Covey realized it might take some time and detailed planning. “The movie just came out on DVD and we made the first one not that long ago,” she said, adding, “Kristen will be busy for the next decade with that day-job of hers. Annie Mumolo, same thing. They’ve both been given so many opportunities. If they have one day off to even write and outline, I’m sure they do it. If they can think of an idea that’s as good or better than the first one, we’re in there.”

UPDATE: While promoting his new HBO comedy series Girls (premiering this April) at the Television Critics Association press tour in Los Angeles, Bridesmaids producer Judd Apatow answered questions about the odds of making a sequel for the hit. “We are still promoting Bridesmaids. Once the fog clears, we’ll see if there’s an idea worthy of doing… we don’t want to be people who make it just to make it. It’s way better to have a great idea and have passion about it, rather than, you know, how much money we can make? That usually leads to Jaws 3-D.”

(Reporting by Carrie Bell and Lynette Rice.)

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