Current TV’s panel at the critics press tour in Pasadena was lacking a rather big name. The network’s primetime lynchpin Keith Olbermann was conspicuously absent following his recent battle with the network over whether he was going to cover the GOP primaries.

Current president David Bohrman told reporters that Olbermann was “on vacation.” But he reiterated that the Countdown host would lead the network’s election coverage. “Keith has told us he will do our special election coverage moving forward,” Bohrman said. “I expect you’ll see him leading our election coverage, which we desperately want him to do.”

Pressed for details about what happened, exactly, during the disagreement, Bohrman said, “I can’t really be much more clear. We had approached Keith a couple months ago, he declined doing primary coverage … We’ve now been told by Keith that he will lead our coverage.”

Former vice president and Current TV chairman Al Gore chimed in about the Republican primary in general this political season, where frontrunner status has seemed to shift weekly. “It reminds me of a reality show where nobody gets voted off the island,” Gore said.

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