The singer and husband Jay-Z welcome their first child


It’s not just a girl, it’s the girl. On Jan. 7, Beyoncé, 30, and Jay-Z, 42, welcomed to the world their first child, daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The newborn was delivered in New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital, where it was rumored that the power parents dropped $1.3 million to reserve the entire fourth floor as their own private wing (the hospital has denied this and said they were not given special treatment). ”Welcome to the world Blue!” family friend Gwyneth Paltrow tweeted the next day. ”We love you already.” And while the baby’s delivery has put to bed rumors of Beyoncé’s pregnancy being a hoax, her name has given rise to another round of speculation. Blue, for instance, might have been cribbed from Jay-Z’s three Blueprint albums, while Ivy could be a play on the Roman numeral IV — as in The Blueprint 4. Prognostic product placement, perhaps? A stretch, but it beats the wilder, Da Vinci Code-style conspiracy theories circulating online. ”Ivy,” some are saying, is an acronym for ”Illuminati’s Very Youngest.” The child has yet to comment, of course, but it may not be long: As of press time, the unverified Twitter handle ”BlueIvyCarter” already had nearly 100 followers.