You may recall Libby Gelman-Waxner's genius, hilarious If You Ask Me column in Premiere magazine years ago.

The deeply shallow and somewhat mysterious Libby was billed as "America's most beloved and irresponsible critic." (She called Wall Street "an illustration of all the terrible things that can happen to a person who wants to date Daryl Hannah.") Well, Libby is back! In addition to her monthly column in Entertainment Weekly magazine, starting today, LGW is taking your burning questions for a recurring Ask Libby column here in PopWatch.

She will tackle all things pop culture, though we like to think her first love is film — or as Libby calls it, "an important arena of expression, as well as a wonderful excuse to drink Diet Coke."

Tap the "Ask Libby!" button to submit, then come back in two weeks for her first column.

Also make sure to click over to her inaugural magazine column, and pick up this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly for her second installment, which tackles the image of modern womanhood as it's presented on-screen.

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