You’ve seen the multiple trailers — Liam Neeson and wolves not once, but twice! — and read our preview of the cold-weather survival flick The Grey that will storm theaters on Jan. 27. And you probably even read how Neeson actually replaced the much younger actor Bradley Cooper in the flick’s lead role of a security guy from an Alaskan oil rig who gets stranded after his plane goes down. But now, here’s a glimpse at a scene from the movie: EW is happy to premiere an exclusive, 35-second snippet from The Grey that finds a sage-y and grizzled Neeson fighting the cold and telling his compatriots how they should proceed to avoid the advances of the coming wolf pack. Yikes!

Before we leave you with the clip, though, we thought we’d share with you a pretty cool opportunity to win a chance to see an advance screening of The Grey in a city near you: To win a pair of passes, all you have to do is follow EW’s Twitter account @EW for details on how you can make those tickets yours! Interested or not, check out the exclusive clip of The Grey here:

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