The “major announcement” that Stephen Colbert promised this week has come to pass. He formally transferred his super PAC to Jon Stewart during Thursday night’s Colbert Report. In so doing, Colbert is able to enter the Republican presidential primary in South Carolina, his home state. (A campaigning politician is legally prohibited from simultaneously running a super PAC.) A graphic appeared onscreen screaming, “I’m doing it!”

After consulting on air with his lawyer Trevor Potter, it was agreed that Colbert could enter the presidential campaign only if he passed off control of his super PAC to someone with whom he did not “coordinate.” No prob: Stewart sauntered onto his friend’s show, the lawyer produced two pieces of paper, the two comedians signed them, they joined hands and “activated” the transfer. Voila! Colbert is free to wreak his philosophy upon the Republican primary, while Stewart presides over the newly renamed “The Definitely Not Coordinated with Stephen Colbert Super PAC.”

On Wednesday night’s Report, Colbert had pointed out results of a Public Policy Polling survey that showed Colbert polling ahead of Jon Huntsman in South Carolina. According to the survey, Colbert has 5 percent of the vote and Huntsman has 4 percent. Gazing at the figures in mock (or real?) wonderment on Wednesday, he said, “This just got real.”

Last night, he grandly stated that he is forming “an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the president of the United States of South Carolina.” The comedian’s barbed grandiloquence and heedless comic egotism has served him extremely well in recent months. It helps, of course, that Colbert’s clean-cut persona just happens to make him look, from certain angles, like Mitt Romney’s slightly more confident younger brother.

Well, he did refer to himself last night as a “Mitternative”…

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