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Veering into the darker corners of Cassie’s powers has been a welcome challenge for former Life Unexpected star Britt Robertson. Last week’s new episode turned up the evil volume as viewers got a chance to see the teen witch in action — once with a dream sequence and again in a tense scene that almost resulted in Adam’s strangulation. But while playing the darker moments have been fun, Robertson admits it’s not something she’d want to see take over her character’s life. “It’s cool to see every now and then. Of course, I don’t want Cassie to be fully evil,” she says. “It’s difficult because you don’t want to shock the audience with something that’s completely out of left field. So there has to be a gradual build.”

And build it has — with more to come. “At this point, she’s been given the opportunity and power and she can’t deny that. It’s something she has to take on from this point forward and she’ll have to take on that responsibility. But it will be a struggle for sure,” she says.

She can be certain that Adam, one of two of her character’s love interests on the show, will be by her side — despite his near-death experience at her hands. “You’ve seen him be an outstanding guy. I know he really cares about Cassie, but there will be that tinge of, ‘Who is she?’ ‘What’s going on with her?’ I think he really wants to figure out what’s going on inside of her and he’ll help her figure that out. But in reality, he cares about her and wants to be with her kind of. And he’ll help her out more than be afraid of her.”

Tonight’s episode will be a prime example of his helpful ways, adds Robertson, as Adam helps her look into the past as the Circle continues to become aware of her capabilities. “It’s an exciting episode. You’ll ge to see Faye and her discovery of Cassie getting to take on this dark power,” she says. “You’ll get to see the two of them go head-to-head and battle it out a little bit. And you’ll get to see the Circle together doing things as a group again.”

Then there’s Jake, who at the end of the last episode was seen lurking outside Cassie’s window. “There’s definitely no homecoming party for Jake,” she says of Chris Zylka’s character’s return. “Cassie will have difficulty trusting him again and he makes his grand entrance in a very interesting way. He’s in this episode in a way audiences won’t expect.”


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