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EW was the first to tell you that the current season of Pretty Little Liars would end with a big reveal: the identity of “A,” the girls’ longtime anonymous harasser.

Now, the cast is busy dropping breadcrumbs as to who has been behind the evil deeds that have plagued the characters since the series started.

“I had an idea because I read the books, but I didn’t know if they would keep the same person, and they twisted it,” Ashley Benson told EW last night at the People’s Choice Awards. “It’s not exactly what it is in the books, to throw off the audience a bit. It was so cool. I think some fans have a good idea, but you’ll see as the season progresses.”

And if fans think they have it figured out now, they might want to wait before making their official guesses. “They made it complicated before the big reveal,” she says. “[It] was one of my favorite episodes we’ve ever filmed — everybody is masked, so you don’t know who’s who and that makes it creepy.”

And the revelation was so big, the cast wasn’t even allowed to know until the final moment. “We didn’t get the script, and it was a complete cold read for the whole cast,” says Lucy Hale. “We didn’t know what to expect, but once they read it, everyone’s jaw was on the floor. Ian [Harding] is always making commentary anyway in table reads, but when they read it, he just started laughing because he couldn’t believe it. But we were all in unison, yelling out different things. I think it’ll make people want to go back and watch the show from the beginning because there are clues and it all kind of makes sense.”

In fact, Keegan Allen recommends a series marathon, because, he says, the clues are all there. “You have to watch every episode to understand it, from the pilot through now, and then it will make sense. Everything is linked,” he says. “The writers did a really, really good job of connecting everything and making it realistic. … I’ve always had my ideas of who A is, but everybody is shocked.”

Above all, Shay Mitchell says, it will be a viewer-pleasing hour. “It was absolutely amazing the way the writers ended it for season 2. Honestly, the fans are going to be happy with it,” she says.” It was one of my favorite episodes to shoot, if not my favorite.”

Adds Allen: “It’s beautiful. It opens up so many possibilities with the show now. [It will be] interesting to see how it develops after the reveal of A because the girls have all the real issues that they’re dealing with as well. It’s nothing to shake a stick at.” (with reporting by Carrie Borzillo)

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