In their ongoing attempt to dominate all 24 hours of my day, producers of The Hunger Games have jumped on the interest in Katniss Everdeen’s fiery frock and taken it to the next level, launching a new Capitol Couture website (password: #lookyourbest). Like the cuisine of the Hunger Games, style within the book is in a world of its own, as witnessed by the Chinoiserie floral satin ensemble Elizabeth Banks’s Effie Trinket is rocking on the website’s current home page.

For now, the site is as naked as Katniss the first time she met Cinna, only telling visitors, “Whether you’re a Capitol fashionista or a style-crazed District citizen, there’s only one place to turn for all the tips, tricks and trends you need to look your best” above the field where fans sign up for a newsletter. This blank slate of a site offers sky-high possibilities for imagining what’s to come, and that’s exactly where the fun begins!

We already have an idea of what Katniss and Peeta’s District 12 training uniforms will look like. In the trailer, we got a few glimpses of Effie’s over-the-top makeup, a slew of (ahem) interesting follicular choices, and Katniss’s taffeta TV debut dress, but the rest is still left to the imagining. I’m thinking Cinna should have his own column, like Brad Goreski but with more gold eyeliner. I’m also pretty excited to learn how Effie pulls off magenta eyeshadow and lips that scream “I fell into a frozen lake!”? It’s not just a site for women, though. From Seneca’s razor recommendations to Haymitch’s pointers on how to keep your mane glossy, there’s plenty to go around in the manscaping and sundries department.

What do you think, PopWatchers? From a Hunger Games perspective, what style tips are you breathlessly anticipating? I’m particularly intrigued by Mockingjay‘s Tigris (a.k.a. Panem’s own whimsical riff on Jocelyn Wildenstein), but which character’s style would you like to emulate?

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