By Lynette Rice
January 11, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
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Brace yourself, fans of The Killing: It may be some time before you learn who killed Rosie Larsen.

In the January issue of Written By, a profile of The Killing creator Veena Sud ends with the sobering message that Rosie’s killer won’t be revealed until the end of season two. Sud is quoted as saying “this is not a committee thing” — an obvious reference to the legions of fans who were angry that Sud and her writing staff offered no resolution to the crime in the series’ first Emmy-nominated year.

“I wanted to tell The Killing with the rhythm and tones of everyday life, the hesitations, and the silences, and the not-knowing-what-to-say,” Sud tells Louise Farr in the magazine. “The messiness and unstructured way of people who I think sometimes we aren’t encouraged to do in TV. We are encouraged to connect the dots with straight lines, and not take detours or go off in tangents that are messy and nonlinear.”

AMC would not comment.

Comments about the first season finale were so nasty, the article says, that Sud stopped looking on the internet. (Among those not-so-pleasant comments: “Would the series be better off with a man at the helm” and “Could Veena Sud be a Muslim with an agenda?”)

“Our intent was not to mislead or betray,” said Sud, who is half-filipina and half-Indian. “We talked about the fans, and their passion, and all of the stuff that was being said on the internet. But the bottom line is, we close the door and we’re a bunch of people in the room, and our job was, and continues to be, to tell the story that feels right by us.”

The second season of The Killing will begin in the spring.

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