By Aly Semigran
January 11, 2012 at 06:23 PM EST
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

How does one place bets on Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais, a man whose motto when it comes to torturing Hollywood (and Karl Pilkington) is “All bets are off”? You call in the pros, apparently. Irish bookmaker Paddy Power has Russell Brand and Katy Perry as the odds-on favorite to feel Gervais’ wrath on Sunday night. The Arthur star, who recently split from Perry, his wife of 15 months, apparently has 5:1 odds of being the initial target from his fellow funny Brit.

It’s also predicted that Gervais will take aim at targets like Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Justin Bieber, Madonna, Tom Cruise (who many speculated was at the butt of Gervais’ Scientology joke during the 2011 ceremony), and Charlie Sheen. (“Welcome to a night of partying and heavy drinking. Or as Charlie Sheen calls it: breakfast,” he cracked last year.) But, before you fly off to Las Vegas to put down all of your money on those celebs who will soon likely wish they’d kept quieter over the past year, here’s some others dark horses to consider.

Alec Baldwin: As I predicted in my Golden Globes wish list earlier this week, the 30 Rock star has made it all too easy for Gervais to pick on him thanks to his infamous Words With Friends-caused airplane ejection (and the non-apology apology to the airline that followed), his erratic Twitter behavior, and his Occupy Wall Street affiliation. The Globes have always been kind to Baldwin, but Gervais, probably not so much.

Eddie Murphy: While I had hoped that the Oscars would ask Gervais to step in when Murphy stepped out, I can’t imagine the Golden Globes emcee will miss the chance to lay into the comedy star for abandoning his hosting duties. Don’t expect to get off any easier either, Brett Ratner. (In fact, I’d venture to bet Gervais says something along the lines of when it comes to Ratner, the only other biggest tool in Hollywood is Michael Fassbender. Wink wink.)

Tom Hanks: I know, I know. How do you make fun of the untouchable, infinitely lovable Hanks? Well, considering Hanks starred in disappointing Larry Crowne (this year’s The Tourist?), his Oscar bait Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close has been all but shut out from this awards season, and he shot back at Gervais during last year’s Globes (“Like many of you, we recall back when Ricky Gervais was a slightly chubby, but very kind comedian.”) Mr. Nice Guy could very well meet Mr. Not-So-Nice Guy.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Gervais loves to give Hollywood a hard time about its resistance to aging gracefully, so don’t be surprised if a reference to DiCaprio’s old-man makeup in J. Edgar sneaks in there. (Good luck, Bruce Jenner.)

And speaking of…

Kim Kardashian: Obvious target? Maybe. But she sure has been comedy gold over the past year. (Prediction: Gervais will compare Kardashian and Brand’s short-lived marriages to the amount of time Lindsay Lohan actually spent in jail.)

Of course, no one is truly safe. Hollywood, in the words of a great man who Gervais would wisely likely never make fun of, “Hold on to your butts.”

Who do you think is going to get it the worst from Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes, PopWatchers? Do you think he’ll lay into Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (both of whom are nominees this year) once more? Or pull out the bully card on Ryan Murphy? Will Ryan Gosling be taken down a peg for being ubiquitous in 2011? Or will he simply break up any fights that may transpire between Gervais and his targets?

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