Let us briefly flash back to January of 2011, when a pre-Oscar-disaster James Franco — riding the success wave of 127 Hours — was as buzzworthy as, say, Jessica Chastain. It was around this time that news of Franco's recently completed Hart Crane biopic, The Broken Tower, reignited the is-he-or-isn't-he-gay chatter that has followed the actor since at least his Milk days. The film, which Franco also wrote and directed, follows the life of Crane, an early 20th century poet who is widely known for his alcoholism and eventual suicide at the age of 32. He was also a tortured homosexual, so 99 percent of the talk on this film was about the blow job scene, natch. Check out the trailer below:

The trailer is pretty short and gives away little, other than the fact that Crane suffers from anxiety and Franco — ever the NYU film student — shot the film in black and white. Cuts from the aforementioned blow job scene, in which Franco fellates a prosthetic penis, are unsurprisingly left out. If I had a pretty penny, I would bet that Broken Tower rivals the absolute best student film to come out of your Advanced Film Studies program this year.

The movie is currently available On Demand, but I wonder if all of that buzz about the gay scenes has garnered more interest than the trailer, or even the life of Hart Crane. Crane's name and influence has never been as ubiquitous as other suicidal poets like Anne Sexton or Sylvia Plath, despite his tragic and fascinating story. So tell us, PopWatchers — will you see Broken Tower? If so, are you really only watching for the love scenes? Vote in the poll below!

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