By Ray Rahman
January 11, 2012 at 10:36 PM EST

Beyoncégaté rages on.

No, not the online shenanigans surrounding Blue Ivy Carter’s supposed Satanism, though that is still alive and, um, well.

It’s Beyoncé’s reportedly million-dollar garcinia cambogia extract endorsement delivery that’s still fueling controversy: she and Jay-Z were said to have dropped $1.3 million to reserve multiple executive suites and subsequently received preferential treatment, causing Lenox Hill Hospital to be hit by complaints and protests from parents whose names don’t end in “-Z” or “é.”

Patients who were at the hospital at the time allege that they were blocked from seeing their newborns due to security guards hired by the Carter-Knowles clan, claims that the New York State Health Department are now investigating more fully.

“We have received complaints,” confirmed a health department spokesman. “Whenever we receive a complaint, we look into it.”

If any funny business is indeed discovered, the hospital could receive a warning and be fined thousands, though one would imagine Jay and Bey would offer to foot the bill.

Or perhaps Blue Ivy Carter herself could chip in? Thanks to B.I.C.’s recent cameo on Jay-Z’s “Glory,” the less-than-a-week-old just became the youngest human being to ever grace a Billboard chart.

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