By Kyle Anderson
Updated December 20, 2019 at 05:07 AM EST
Credit: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

There are plenty of people who are famous for reasons nobody can really decipher.

The Kardashians have carved out their whole existence based on this principle, though they surely have to tip their sweatshop-wrangled hats to the Paris Hiltons and Heidi Montags who came before them.

What do all of those parties have in common? They all eventually took a shot at pop stardom, with results ranging from terrible to vile to the worst single of 2011.

So it was probably inevitable that Amber Rose, the Kardashian of hip-hop, would go the same route. If you know Rose at all, you probably recognize her either from a low-level modeling gig, those ads for marshmallow-flavored vodka, or as a rapper’s red-carpet plus-one (she’s currently linked to Wiz Khalifa, and was on the arm of Kanye West the night he began his now-legendary beef with Taylor Swift).

Now you can know her as a woman who coos about the overwhelming nature of her particular brand of fame in a way that sounds simultaneously oblivious, smug, and whiny. But judge for yourself below.

It’s mostly middling, with a handful of truly laughable lyrics (the line about being an “overnight sensation” is especially wonky, considering that even the little bit of notoriety Rose has acquired seems like the result of long, sustained hustle).

“Fame” also brings down Wiz, who should really stick to rapping about weed with Snoop Dogg (their soundtrack album for Mac & Devin Go To High School is legitimately great).

So what do you think? Will Rose’s inevitable cries of “People just hate me because I’m a star!” be justified, or should she stick to shilling S’mores-flavored booze?


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