By Jeff Labrecque
January 10, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

Nine years after Bruce Almighty, Universal is plotting a second coming. (Or technically a third.) EW has confirmed a Variety report that the studio has plans to reunite Jim Carrey with the Yes Man writers (Jarrad Paul and Andrew Mogel) for a new chapter in the life of the newscaster who is handed God’s powers and responsibilities after complaining about the big man’s negligence. The 2003 film, which co-starred Morgan Freeman as God, Jennifer Aniston as Bruce’s girlfriend, and Steve Carell as his hated rival, grossed more than $484 million worldwide, making it Carrey’s biggest hit. This wouldn’t be the first Bruce sequel; Evan Almighty attempted to hand the reins over to Carell’s character, but that expensive, effects-heavy 2007 film underperformed and barely grossed $100 million.