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Vertigo star Kim Novak, 73, isn’t happy that Oscar favorite The Artist uses sections of Bernard Herrmann’s iconic love theme from Vertigo in its score. The Artist‘s composer Ludovic Bource borrows heavily from the Hitchcock classic, and although the film does credit Herrmann, Novak still feels that the insertion of Vertigo‘s famous music into The Artist is “cheating.”

To express her anger, the actress took out a full-page ad in today’s edition of trade publication Variety, which reads:

Well, it appears that negative ad-campaigns aren’t just for to political elections anymore! In response to Novak’s decisively harsh words, The Artist‘s director, Michael Hazanavicius, has just released a statement of his own:

What do you make of this sudden battle of words? Do you think Kim Novak’s cry may actually hurt The Artist‘s Oscar chances (it is eligible for Best Original Score), or is it just a rant that will blow over? Did you notice the film’s use of Vertigo‘s music while you were watching?

The Artist

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