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Updated January 09, 2012 at 03:19 PM EST
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There may be infinite parallel universes, but there’s probably not one where Joshua Jackson was happy about Fox chief Kevin Reilly’s statements about Fringe yesterday.

For those who missed the bombshell, the Fox chief declared “we lose a lot of money on the show. But with that rating on that night it’s almost impossible for us to make money on it. We’re not in the business of losing money. We need to figure out if there’s a [deal with studio Warner Bros. that] will make sense or will this be it.”

At the network’s party on Sunday night, the actor wasn’t amused by the comments.

“He could not have been more clear,” Jackson said. “He’s not running a charitable foundation. And if the show is really not making money [then that should be it]. But the important thing to me is that our writers are given a chance to finish the show because it’s a serialized show.”

Reilly was also at the party and had a chance to clarify his statements from earlier in the day. Though he remained firm on his stance that the show isn’t profitable and that studio Warner Bros. needs to make concessions for the drama to continue, he suggested that Fringe could — and should — have a legitimate ending if it were cancelled. But he made it sound like that ball is more in the studio’s court.

“That’s a Peter Roth issue,” Reilly said, referring to the WB TV studio chief. “I don’t want it to go out with a whimper. We don’t want to fumble the ball at the 5-yard line. If it ends up being the last show, we’ll end up doing it right.”

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