Last week, we told you about Chelsea Gill, Jason Segel’s “sane, tested, and disease-free” megafan who wrote a brilliant song asking The Muppets star on a date and posted it to YouTube. Segel quickly declared it “My favorite thing, maybe ever” and tweeted that he’d need a couple of days to put his response together. Four days later, he went above and beyond expectations, as witnessed by a picture that Gill shared with the Chicago Tribune.

Segel invited the 23-year-old Chi-town native and her twin to have a drink at the Ritz-Carlton hotel before accompanying him to Saturday’s Chicago Film Critic Awards, where he received the Commedia Extraordinaire Award. It was a dream come true for Gill, who admitted she “never thought that Jason would ever hear the song.” A girl has to keep some things close to her heart, so Gill didn’t say much about the evening, except that Segel is “really a wonderful person. He is so down-to-earth, sweet and humble; just a sweetheart.”

Segel himself tweeted yesterday that Gill and her sister “the COOLEST!!” and proudly posted his own picture of the three of them soon after.

Is this your favorite thing, maybe ever, PopWatchers?

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