By Sandra Gonzalez
January 07, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST
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[If you haven’t seen the midseason premiere of Supernatural, don’t read on! Go watch. Then come back. Deal?] Call me an optimist, but I really did hope that Bobby Singer was going to live to see the second half of this Supernatural season — despite the overwhelming amount of indications to the contrary. I mean, it’s BOBBY! And yes, he may have been shot in the head, but death, wounds, ailments, they aren’t always a big deal on this show. Well, usually they aren’t.

But positive thinking wasn’t enough to save Bobby from the doom that, in my stomach, I knew would happen. And it was revealed, though it took the boys a while to say it, that Bobby died.

His death, however, did not seem to loom over the episode — that’s really not the boys’s style. Instead, each brother did his own thing (because each has his coping mechanism).

For Sam, it was to dive into work to help a girl whose father, a hunter, had gone missing while on a hunt. As with most neglected children the boys encounter, Sam sympathized with the girl because he’s been there. (He also assumed she knew nothing about the life her father led as a hunter.) So he tread lightly and gave her assurances that I’m sure he would have appreciated at that age. The case, however, took a turn, when the creature (vetalas) turned out to be something that traveled in twos — not alone, as Sam had assumed. So when he was caught off guard when a duo of the sharp-toothed creaturettes attacked him.

Dean knew this fact, and, as the girl (Krissy) quipped, had he shared the info with the rest of the class, the mess could have been avoided. But instead he spent his time with Frank trying to track down the meaning of the numbers Bobby had scribbled in the palm of his hand before dying. (They turned out to be coordinates to a property connected to Dick Roman, the leviathan boss man. Which was a bit of a “Duh!” moment — that’s practically their second language.) But in the search for the meaning, Dean found himself struggling with how to cope with the loss. No, he wasn’t crying or even pained in any way that’s overt. In fact, he’s rather vacant about the whole situation, which, on one hand, is slightly more troubling than had he been bawling or exhibiting the same strange behavior that he did after John died. Dean was part determined (to get revenge) and part…defeated. I’m not sure if that’s even totally accurate, but it’s the best I can describe it. And it sure is unsettling. That said, I hope we see it all bubble to the surface a bit more — if, for nothing else, than to let these boys show those acting chops to their full abilities.

Speaking of good acting, I particularly loved the scene tonight where Dean recalled his hunt during the Sam-at-Stanford years. Supernatural fans are, if nothing else, big nerds when it comes to Winchester history. Any mention of it makes me giddy. And I loved that it showed the growth he’s had as a person in a very sweet way. Dean used to hold Sam’s academic ambitions against him and resent his exit from the life. Dean, now older and wiser, planted an important seed in the girl’s mind. (“You could be a hunter/pediatrician.”)

The night ended with Dean and Sam agreeing to bury themselves in work to offset the trouble they were having dealing with Bobby’s death — much like Frank had told Dean to do. (Also, FYI, the daughter and dad got away safe and sound.) The thing is, I still don’t think Bobby’s gone. I don’t feel it. And even though the boys say they feel the weight of it all, I’m not buying it. Denial? Maybe. But I wasn’t crying tonight — which I fully had expected to — because I don’t think he’s gone. Maybe he’s a ghost (which would explain Dean’s disappearing beer)? Whatever it is, it better happen before I start progressing in my stages of grief. Denial only lasts so long.

So what did you think of the episode, readers? Did you like the case of the week? Are you digging Frank? Did you love the fist-bump moment between Krissy and Dean? And do you think Bobby’s gone, gone? Or are you with me (in denial?)?

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