By Sandra Gonzalez
Updated January 06, 2012 at 06:56 PM EST
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Chris Zylka did all he could to make sure the opening scene of last night’s new episode of The Secret Circle, which featured an intense dream sequence in which Cassie (Britt Robertson) choked Jake until blood bubbled from his mouth, would come off as shocking as it was meant to be.

“Are people going to think it’s real?!” he asked excitedly, shortly before the episode aired. “I tried to play it down and throw away the lines. I wanted to seem more loving and less evil. Then, it surprises you when he’s [turns out to be] the devil.”

Well, maybe not the devil, but he was certainly evil, leaving some to wonder if fans should be reading more into the scene. Was it a premonition of sorts?

Zylka’s in the dark — like the rest of us. But he has a theory of his own nonetheless. “The only thing I, as someone who doesn’t know, can say is my prediction that it’s just Cassie seeing what she’s capable of — that she can hurt people she actually cares about. So she really needs to control herself,” he says. “It’s a subliminal warning to herself.”

More concretely, the next episode will pick up where last night’s episode left — with Jake, as Zylka says with a laugh, “creeping through the window.”

“I am back in action [in the next episode]. But all I can tease is that you’ll see a little bit of me. I’m still lurking and creeping around. And Adam still can’t stand Jake and you’ll find out people are still skeptical of him,” he says. “My own personal opinion is that Jake’s overall attraction and feeling for Cassie and genuine care [brought him back]. I think what you saw in episode 10 is that he’s looking after her.” And, for now, will continue to do so, leading up to an “emotional” episode 12, he says.

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