Everybody loves long takes — those shots in movies that last, or appear to last, for a very long time. Who can forget the urban-uprising shot from Children of Men, or the hospital gunfight from Hard Boiled, or the traffic scene from Week End? But there is a rare subgenre that pushes this style to the brink: Films that claim to be filmed entirely in real-time, in one take. Hitchcock did that (kind of) with the dark comedy Rope; Alexander Sokurov did it with Russian Ark; and now, the upcoming Silent House will use the style in the service of an old-fashioned scary-house horror film. Silent House is actually a remake of a Uruguayan film, although the real story here is Silent House will be the first post-breakout film for Elizabeth Olsen. Also, fun fact: Silent House is directed by Chris Kentis and Laura Lau, who were last in theaters with 2003’s Open Water. Watch the trailer:

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