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Project Runway All Stars debuted last night (check out our recap here), and while the contestants are vets, the host, judges, and mentor are new. What’s your snap judgment? Let’s take it to a vote.

Host Angela Lindvall: The supermodel is gorgeous — the contestants made sure we knew it — but while her demeanor makes her more accessible than Heidi Klum, she can also come across as occasionally vacant (“Wow guys, that was a great start to the season”) and lacking polish (she needs to stop using her arms to talk). Heidi commanded the room, Angela isn’t there yet. I want to feel like she’s above them (or, at least one step ahead of them). She also needs a better send-off catchphrase than “Bye.” What did you think?

Judge Isaac Mizrahi, designer: He had a critical eye praising Mondo Guerra’s sense of proportion and some good quips (“I like a cut out, I do, but for some reason, that just looks like a chew out”), but did the promo for the season worry you that his personality will steal the spotlight from the clothes? “Oh, did I say Starlet?” he snapped when Austin Scarlett corrected him, and he was shown telling someone, in all seriousness, “You are crazy.”

Judge Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa: She, too, talked the talk (like when she told Sweet P you need to be precise when using colorblocking), and that’s the kind of constructive criticism that keeps you from feeling guilty about watching a reality show. I want her to speak more and be just a touch softer.

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Mentor Joanna Coles, editor-in-chief of Marie Claire: She had me nervous when she didn’t smile, at all, as she told the contestants, “I couldn’t be more excited,” but when she actually started speaking to them about their garments, I warmed up to her. She seems to have Tim Gunn’s ability to let them know they’re in trouble without destroying them.

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