By Kate Ward
January 06, 2012 at 07:50 PM EST

LOST: Mario Perez

Portlandia, Portlandia, Portlandia. Boy, this Portlandia is all anybody’s talking about. The New Yorker, our very own EW… the IFC series is finding itself everywhere these days. Including on late night — star Fred Armisen stopped by Jimmy Fallon to talk about the popularity of the series, partner-in-crime Carrie Brownstein of Sleater-Kinney, and how the people of Portland have treated him since the show first hit the air last year. (Apparently, they enjoy packing him full of carbs. Which is why I need to join the Portlandia cast.)

Though the Saturday Night Live star’s chat about how Portlandia was created was interesting — his jam sessions with Brownstein simply turned into video sketches — the highlight of his interview comes when Armisen and Fallon duet on “Happy Birthday” as Elvis Costello. So who’s impression is better? I’d have to go with Fallon — Armisen may already have the glasses, but do I detect a hint of Randy Newman? Video of the interview — and a bonus sketch with Armisen — after the jump.

Anyone else kind of love that Fallon and Armisen Garth and Kat-ed their interview? And, yes, I did just mangle English right there.

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