By Shaunna Murphy
Updated January 06, 2012 at 12:00 PM EST

The actress who is suing Amazon and its subsidiary the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) for exposing her age revealed her name in an amended court filing on Friday. EW has confirmed that 40-year-old Huong Hoang of Texas is the woman behind the much-ballyhooed lawsuit, which was originally filed last October. Hoang, who has adopted the Americanized stage name Junie Hoang, states in the claim that her Asian name has led to industry discrimination.

Hoang’s IMDb page shows that the actress has regularly appeared in small-budget films throughout the last decade, but she claims that she was driven to sue when the subscription-based IMDbPro took her personal information from a credit card and refused to take it down. Hoang subscribed to IMDbPro to increase her exposure, and noticed that her legal date of birth had been added to her public profile shortly after. This, according to Hoang’s filing, has led to a “substantial decrease in acting credits, employment opportunities and earnings.”

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