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You’ve watched the trailer, reread the books, and talked about whether you were pulling for Peeta or Gale.

But it’s not just you and all your friends who are counting down the days until The Hunger Games hits theaters. (78!) Celebs are getting in on the Tribute fun as well.

Kristen Bell, star of the upcoming House of Lies, tells The Huffington Post,

First of all: Awesome. Bell sounds like my kind of party host. She also touches on friends who “came as Cato and Clove and were dressed in weird sewn-together fabric leaves and army colors.” Bell’s friends deserve a shout-out for their commitment. Obsessions with the Games or other popular franchises are all the more fun when you have people to go all-in with you. No one wants to be the only one who has drawn a Death Eater tattoo on their arm (Just me?) or bought the replica of Bella’s engagement ring.

Bell’s excitement also got me thinking about my inevitable March 23 soiree before heading out to a midnight showing. Hunger Games has a slight disadvantage on the party circuit compared to other phenoms like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, simply because parts of the tale are so gosh darn disturbing. You can’t announce to guests, “Come eat all this fabulous food I prepared… Sorry, District 12.” Well, maybe you can. As host, you definitely have full control over the Capitol, a.k.a. your kitchen.

Beyond (lack of) refreshments, though, help me brainstorm. I would think a Hunger Games party would have to start out with some kind of talent show, mimicking the Tributes performing their special skills for the Gamekeepers. You’d also have to have an elaborate costume contest for everyone to do their best “Girl on Fire.” Perhaps a junior high-style sleepover where everyone gives everyone else elaborate make-up transformations and then tries their hand at imitating Effie Trinket?

And, of course, what Hunger Games party would be complete without a reaping? Post talent-show, you could put all your guests’ names in a hat, and draw out pairs to compete in not-to-the-death challenges such as bread baking. Bonus taking-it-to-an-extreme points if one contest is bow and arrow hunting in the backyard.

PopWatchers: What needs to happen at a Hunger Games party? Have you ever attended a super-elaborate themed event? I want to hear all about Horcrux treasure hunts and Twilight wedding receptions! Share away!

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