By Erin Strecker
January 06, 2012 at 09:51 PM EST
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It looks like Kanye West has got some Twitter competition in the unloading of late-night thoughts.

Demi Lovato took to the micro-blogging site last night to discuss God, tough stuff, and overcoming obstacles.

The same week excerpts from her Seventeen interview, where she discussed her troubled past and her bright hopes for the future, were released, it sounds like 2012 is already throwing her a curveball.

The whole thing kicked off when Lovato tweeted, “Sometimes it seems like God just keeps throwing crap my way and I get SO angry with him… But there’s never a doubt in my mind He’s gonna pull me through it all. I know you’re there God. But umm… Really dude? He never fails to show me He’s by my side though. Even in the tough times. #Godstuff”

Potential song lyrics for her Unbroken follow up? Perhaps. But more likely the nineteen-year-old was just venting. She followed up retweeting some thoughts from her followers, including, “Satan throws crap your way but God gets you through to make you a stronger/wiser person. #lifelessons”

She continued explaining herself, writing, “I’m not very religious but I’m VERY spiritual and I DO believe in God. I’m not perfect or preaching! Just tweeting… :)”

The late-night concerns seemed to eventually pass, as she finished things off tweeting what could be her mantra for the future: “Just keep swimming…”

Readers: Should celebs be more careful what they choose to say on Twitter, or do you like the insight into their private thoughts, no matter how mundane or controversial?

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