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Jack Donaghy will remain in charge: Alec Baldwin has renewed his deal with 30 Rock, confirmed NBC’s entertainment chairman.

“We have Alec for this season and next season,” Robert Greenblatt said. “We quietly did that in the fall.”

But how, asked a critic, did the famously outspoken Baldwin keep quiet about it?

“He’s loud about certain things and quiet about other things,” Greenblatt said.

So does that mean we can assume the show will be renewed? Not necessarily, said Greenblatt, who gave the standard network response that the decision will be made closer to the network’s upfront presentation in May.

But really: It would be surprising if NBC locked down 30 Rock‘s three-time Emmy winner for another season and then canceled the show. The ratings may be modest, but by NBC’s current standards, they’re not that modest.

And if you’re curious about the fate of Community, that was addressed too.

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