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Updated January 05, 2012 at 08:00 PM EST
Parker Posey
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We here at The Music Mix love Parker Posey. Not just because she’s a longtime indie-cinema darling (Dazed and Confused, Waiting for Guffman, Party Girl) and now a recurring Good Wife guest star, but because in everything she does, she is always so awesomely, kookily herself.

Read on to find her eclectic playlist below:

CANDI AND THE STRANGERS “SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY” “I love this song because it has this kind of Spanish feel, really fun and relaxed—you know, put on your muumuu, have a glass of wine, and just be.”

ANIMAL COLLECTIVE “MY GIRLS” “This is always on repeat in my car. It’s so positive, and the lyrics are so good: ‘I don’t care for fancy things/Or to take part in the vicious race.’ I really like this trend of songwriting that is honest and intelligent and serious and longing.”

BOB DYLAN “IDIOT WIND” “Picking my favorite Bob Dylan song is so hard, but this is one of my favorite songs ever. He sings it acoustic, and there’s no track, it was never produced. There’s a tape called Blood on the Tracks, but his acoustic version of ‘Idiot Wind’ is incredible, it’s amazing. It is kind of a mean song. It’s really mean! This is his song about the press. So good! Come on, it’s amazing! Oh my God, it’s so good! He’s the real deal. He’s the man, I think. This song is almost too poignant — I can just picture the producer saying, ‘You know what, this is really too honest. This is a little too real.'”

MIDLAKE “ROSCOE” “Oh my God, I love them. I forget how I got turned on to this band, but usually boyfriends out in L.A. will let me know about them. Or I’ll go to Other Music in New York, and say, ‘What do you guys think I’d like?’ They help me out. I like to support local record stores. I heard it when I was in New Mexico, this album, The Trials of Van Occupanther, and the whole thing feels like it’s got a big frontier vibe, like they’re early-American settlers or something. They really create an atmosphere. The guys kind of present themselves as these bearded dudes who would get water from the well and kill a rabbit.”

TALK TALK, “I BELIEVE IN YOU” I find myself listening to Talk Talk on repeat while I’m doing gardening in upstate New York. Their music is so languid, and I just love his voice. I was just looking at the lyrics to ‘I Believe In You,’ and they’re so beautiful, wow. The song is so emotional and poetic. So pretty. I think it’s about someone that he knows with a heroin addiction, so it’s about this dialogue with your spirit as you’re going through something like that.”

BRIAN ENO, AMBIENT 1: MUSIC FOR AIRPORTS Imagine if every airport would blast Brian Eno? I bet going through security wouldn’t be as difficult. I can’t imagine someone being aggressive with me with Brian Eno music pumping through the terminals at LAX. It’s really good to listen to as background music while puttering around, stretching, doing yoga, or driving.”

EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, “YOUR HAND IN MIND” “This is in the same meditative, spacey vein as Brian Eno. This song is really, really beautiful. They’re a band from Texas, like the Midlake guys.”

BRIAN WILSON, PET SOUNDS “It’s a four-CD set. One’s instrumental and one is just his vocals. When I first got that CD, I took a road trip and listened to his voice. If it doesn’t bring you to your knees, then you don’t have a heart. You have no soul! And his voice and those songs — especially when you hear it without the instruments — it’s just so real and honest. It’s so on the line, and you really see him. Listening to that, I really felt I could see his soul and his spirit and what a special talent he is. It’s heart-breaking and beautiful at the same time.”

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