Mitt Romney
Credit: Mark Wilson/Getty Images; Everett Collection

We aren’t sure if it’s a joke or if this really is the most offensive political advertisement of the 2012 campaign. But this vile, racist video suggesting that Jon Huntsman is the “Manchurian Candidate” — mostly because the former ambassador to China happens to speak Chinese and has two adopted Asian daughters — got us thinking: If Huntsman is being tarred as Laurence Harvey from the 1962 political thriller, what other pop cultural figures could be used in attack ads against the remaining Republicans trying to get to the White House?

Newt Gingrich: Heath Ledger’s Joker, the agent of chaos bent on destruction in The Dark Knight

Rick Perry: Like the candidate himself, a no-brainer: Yosemite Sam

Ron Paul: Fester, the crazy uncle on The Addams Family

Rick Santorum: Ned Flanders, the sweater-loving holier than thou neighbor on The Simpsons

Mitt Romney: The Robot from Lost in Space

But what do you think, PopWatchers? What pop cultural characters would you cast if you were making attack against the Republican candidates? Check out the Huntsman attack ad below for inspiration:

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