It was one of 2011’s favorite memes, and it’s not showing any signs of stopping in 2012. Yes, PopWatchers, I’m talking about those ubiquitous online fan dating invitations. The first celeb to ring in the new year with an ask was Jason Segel. So what made superfan Chelsea Gill’s YouTube proposal stand out from the pack (besides the fact that she could be Mena Suvari’s younger sister)? What inspired Segel to post the video on his Twitter feed, calling it, “My favorite thing, maybe ever”? See her online plea below.

In a word: Awesomeness. Gill stepped up her invitation a notch by writing her own song very much in the spirit of The Muppets star. Such brilliant rhymes as Segel and Smeagol and “you’re pretty busy… with Miss Piggy” preceded a PG-13 ditty in which she affirmed that she was legal, “sane, tested, and disease-free,” not to mention a fun drunk. All of which means, she assured Segel, “any crazy shit you want to do, just know I can do it, too.” Well played, Chelsea Gill, well played.

Just minutes after he posted the video on Twitter, Segel followed up, “I’m gonna need a couple days on this one.” Does Gill have a personalized serenade in her future? If I were her, I’d be rubbing my hands in anticipation.

What about you, PopWatchers? Are you still enjoying these online date invites, or did they jump the shark at Betty White? Now that Gill has taken things beyond the standard 15-second, filmed-from-the-waist-up begging, do you think future fans will get more creative and outrageous? Could this whole enterprise quickly spiral out of control? Also, did you totally just Facebook Gill to see if you could take her out for that drink instead of Segel?

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