If you were hoping that public vitriol and publishing industry ennui would make Casey Anthony lie low in 2012, you can give up that dream. The infamous acquittee, newly bobbed-and-blond, has gone viral with a vlog (taped last October) in which she discusses the “surreal” existence she has found herself in since the end of her trial in July. See the video after the jump.

It’s most striking, though not entirely surprising, how sad and lonely Anthony is. Her struggle to be optimistic in spite of her niggling uncertainty is painfully clear. Her insistence that she “needs to conquer [her] fear” of being on camera seems a bit strange given how public her life has been. Then again, other than the dog she mentions adopting, these video diaries are most likely her only means of connection with the world, and she calls them “a blessing.” Personally, there’s no doubt she does need this. But do we need her?

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you interested in hearing more about her new life?

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