January 04, 2012 at 11:20 PM EST

Charlie’s Angels and Prime Suspect crashed this fall, but that’s not stopping networks from developing more familiar titles than ever before. From a modern-day Munsters to a bold new Flintstones, here’s 14 of the most headline-grabbing shows in contention for next fall and beyond. We’re going to start with the tamest oh-yeah-I-can-see-that ideas, then work our way up to the most surprising reboots and the tallest of the high concepts. At the end, there’s a poll where you can let networks know which of these you’d most like to see on the air. Let’s start with…

Untitled Sarah Silverman sitcom (NBC)

What: The funny, media-savvy comedian stars in a series loosely based on her life.

Status: Pilot order.

Pro: NBC executives must have figured out that Silverman and Whitney Cummings are not the same person.

Con: Comedy Central’s attempt at a Silverman sitcom wasn’t a breakout, and her humor is pretty Blue State for a network that needs to go broader.

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