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To be fair, Neil Patrick Harris already had a bit of an unfair advantage going in to today’s episode of The Price Is Right. Not only does the universally beloved star have daytime television experience (sorry, Snoop), but before his appearance for Celebrity Charity Week, NPH already got to hear those magic words “Come on down!” Well, technically, it was Barney Stinson who became the single greatest player in the history of the “original” Price Is Right after he won everything (including some sweet gifts for Marshall and Lily’s wedding) and met his “dad,” then-host Bob Barker. It was… well, you know.

So things were a little bit different this time around for the How I Met Your Mother actor. Though he did suit up for the occasion, Harris — who was playing for breast-cancer research organization the Noreen Fraser Foundation — served as something of a cohost to Drew Carey and helped his fellow contestants (a very un-Barney-like strategy) snag some most excellent prizes ($10,000!, a new car!), including the episode’s eventual champ Adam, by knowing things like the price for a cupcake maker and having an excellent strategy for the frustrating game Gas Money.

Of course, the real winner was enthusiastic contestant Destiny. While Destiny got thisclose to besting Adam in the Showcase Showdown (one of which included the enviable prize of getting to visit the set of HIMYM for a walk-on role), you can’t put a price tag on hugging and tackling NPH and not getting in trouble for it. Watch the highlights from his episode below, including his date with Destiny around the 1:02 mark:

Harris, who seemed to have just as much fun watching the contestants as he did participating himself, also got to spin the coveted big wheel for the second time in his life. While he didn’t do quite as well as Barney (no one ever has), he did give an oh-so-sweet shout-out to his parents, his partner David Burtka and their twins Gideon and Harper, and earned an impressive $65,238 for his charity.

Other celebrities appearing on this week’s special Price Is Right episodes include Jenny McCarthy, Chris Daughtry, and Heidi Klum.

What did you think of Neil Patrick Harris’ stint on The Price Is Right, PopWatchers? Would his cohosting skills (seriously, shouldn’t the guy just host everything at this point?) have impressed Bob Barker? (Of course!) Who was better as a celebrity assistant: NPH or Snoop Dogg? How much would you have killed to win that sweet HIMYM package? (I’m pretty sure my EW colleague Sandra Gonzalez and I would get into a vicious bidding war to end them all to win that.) Share in the comments section below.

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