By Sandra Gonzalez
January 04, 2012 at 06:59 PM EST
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UPDATE: Read what NCIS boss Gary Glasberg has to say about the episode!

The term “slow burn” doesn’t even begin to describe the progression of Tony and Ziva’s could-be romantic relationship on NCIS over the years. But hardcore “Tiva” fans, who have waited patiently for stolen glances and playful interactions to turn into something more, certainly got a bit of a New Year’s treat last night during the show’s first new episode of 2012.

The episode featured a reappearance of EJ, a.k.a. the woman who, as you’ll recall, left Tony for dead. Her emotional reunion with Tony ultimately ended with her leaving (likely for good), but the closure was enough for Tony, who, at the end of the episode, shared a pretty awesome moment with his longtime co-worker. (Watch the moment at CBS. It starts around the 40-minute mark)

Ziva: So EJ is gone.

Tony: And safe — for a change.

Ziva: May I ask where?

Tony: Someplace quiet, with someone she can count on… hopefully.

Ziva: That’s the word, is it not? Hopefully. Even when you think you can count on someone, you often can not.

Tony: Do I detect a blip on the Ray-dar?

Ziva: I’d rather not discuss it.

Tony: At least EJ and I parted friends. Agent Cruz seems to have some communication issues.

Ziva: And I’m losing my patience.

Tony: As you well should. You know, you and I, we have a lot in common in that respect.

Ziva: You think?

Tony: I don’t think, I know.

[They take a beat and stare at each other in silence]

Ziva: Well, then I am grateful to have someone in my life who is just as romantically dysfunctional as I am.

Tony: Agent David, do you consider me in your life?

[Tony smiles]

[Her phone rings]

[He sighs subtly, reads her face, and realizes it’s Ray who is calling her]

Tony: No!

Ziva: Yes.

Tony: Seriously?

Ziva: What should I say?

Tony: Say “Hello”?

While not all NCIS fans are big on Tiva, it’s tough to deny the chemistry the two actors (Michael Weatherly and Cote de Pablo) share.

Did you enjoy the moment as much as I did, PopWatchers? And do you think this is an exciting indicator of more to come or another tease?

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