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It’s after 3:30 a.m. following Mitt Romney’s 8-vote win in the closest Iowa Caucus in history, and CNN After Dark is still live. No one gets to sleep until it’s time for CNN: Breaking Dawn! Except me — I’ll probably fall asleep in a minute.

Right now it’s just six people standing around a glass table, marveling at the seedy neon “CNN AFTER DARK” logo while the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” plays in the background. Anderson Cooper is trying and failing to disapprove of it. An hour ago, John King had wandered around behind all of them while talking on his cell phone…with his mic on! It took me two minutes to realize who was speaking and where he was — a true hidden gem of the newsroom.

Oh, God, now there are seven of them!

It’s been a long, strange trip, but two sleepy old Iowan ladies stole the show: Edith Pfeffer, Clinton County GOP Chairwoman, and Carolyn Tallett, president of the Clinton County Republican Women. “What do you mean, the numbers don’t match?” Edith incredulously asked John King (who’d called the figures from the Clinton County precinct into question), who stood alongside a hilariously motionless Wolf Blitzer during what Anderson Cooper called “the best live phone call ever.” It was such a hit that the gang called them AGAIN a few minutes later! Edith and Carolyn were trending worldwide, after all.

Watch the videos of Edith and Carolyn’s phone calls to CNN After Dark:

“We know them well. Everyone loves Carolyn and fears Edith,” an Iowa activist wrote in an email to King. “That could be true about the fear. I’m not sure about the love for Carolyn,” replied Edith.

Expect Edith and Carolyn to be on every talk show, starting…! I hope they got in a good nap, for they shall never sleep again.

Were Edith and Carolyn your favorite CNN-sters of the night? It can’t be all Anderson all the time, right?


[Videos via Buzzfeed]

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