By Lanford Beard
January 04, 2012 at 04:06 PM EST
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Can you believe 244 days have passed since the last episode of 30 Rock? That’s nearly 3.5 Kim Kardashian weddings! According to a new teaser from NBC, Jack Donaghy has continued subjugating Kenneth to creepy role play since Avery’s abduction by a North Korean dictator seven months back, while Liz Lemon has learned Spanish on a chain gang, brought back the dickey, and, yes, picked up a new boyfriend (we called it!).

Though it’s still to be determined whether Lemon’s new beau — ultra laid-back hot-dog vendor Chriss (James Marsden) — will ever measure up to “doorman to the sky” Carol Burnett (Matt Damon), one thing is certain: Jack does not approve. Also? Lemon’s new love celebrates really strange anniversaries with equally strange gifts. See what else the new season holds, including a full array of guest stars (welcome back, Devon Banks!), in the five-minute preview after the jump.

Are you excited about 30 Rock‘s return? Which TGS personality did you miss the most? Do you think Marsden will make a suitable match for Lemon? Will Tracy Morgan’s offscreen troubles in 2011 affect how you see him in 2012? Are you worried that Jack’s “inappropriate things” may have involved pulling the full Almodóvar on Kenneth? Also Donaghy-related, NBC has confirmed they will address the death of Kim Jong-il. How do you think they should handle it?

The sixth season of 30 Rock premieres Jan. 12.

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