No one really thinks Elizabeth is going to be whacked at the hands of Keller — Neal’s old rival who in the last episode of White Collar kidnapped our favorite fed’s significant other. Right?

But it’s fun, nonetheless, to ponder what’s about to go down when the show returns Jan. 17 with an episode that (per the new promo, viewable below) has Peter (Tim DeKay) angrier than ever at Neal (Matthew Bomer). Not only do we see the aftermath of him finding out that Neal had the U-boat treasure all along, but let’s also assume that Peter is mostly peeved that his lovely wife (Tiffani Thiessen) has found herself in danger as a result of his lies. Oh, can’t these two just get along.

To further build the excitement of the show’s impending return, the network has also launched a special website, (Funny, I thought she was with Keller…) Again, I don’t think Peter’s beloved wife is in any real danger. Keller is a thug, who will be handled properly once our boys catch up with him. But the launching of the site, while a somewhat odd tie in considering that (in White Collar time) she’s only been gone a few hours, does hint that there’s going to be juicy developments with this story when we return. Excited, readers?

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