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January 03, 2012 at 07:32 PM EST

He’s baaaaaack.

Former American Idol judge and current X Factor judge Simon Cowell is set to appear in full capacity on the sixth season of Britain’s Got Talent this spring, the show announced today. Cowell only judged the live shows during last season, as much of his time was dedicated to launching The X Factor in the U.S.

Comedian David Williams, singer and Strictly Come Dancing (The British equivalent of Dancing With the Stars) host Alesha Dixon, and Amanda Holden will round out the panel.  (So long, Hoff!)

“I miss Britain and I miss the British public and I miss judging them,” said Cowell in a release. “I want to find the next generation of talent in 2012. Different and new acts, younger and better talent. You want someone who can be a star all over the world and by coming back in 2012, it’s the year of the Olympics, it’s a big year for Britain, we are going to be in the world’s spotlight and I want this show to be back in the world spotlight.”

Cowell is so confident he’ll find a star that he’s contributing £250,000 of his own cash to this year’s prize, for a total of £500,000 (or about $782,000) that will go to the winner.

“Even though they are both my shows, I would like to find a better winner on Britain’s Got Talent than The X Factor. To me it’s a challenge,” he said. “What I really, really passionately believe when I do these shows is that you have to find someone who can be known all over the world from appearing on the show. That’s what happened with Paul Potts and that’s what happened with Susan Boyle.”

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